Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas and Sneak Preview into Retrofit Republic

Greetings from SnazzyFRESH! We hope you all had an enjoyable day with your loved ones, as well consuming half your weight of honey ham and drinking a little too much spiked egg nog! In the spirit of giving, we present to you a sneak preview to our upcoming post: Shoplifting at Retrofit Republic! We were fortunate to collaborate with this innovative, funky and spunky online vintage clothing store (for ladies and gentlemen!). 

Retrofit Republic was started by two fashionistas (and friends!) with a taste for adventure and love for clothing and style. In their travels around the world and their own hometown (San Francisco!), they would collect pieces of clothing, jewelry, and shoes that brought back nostalgic memories or were straight up awesome! Now, these collections of memorabilia are what make up their fabulous shop, which are currently available for you to own today! So in the meantime, check them OUT! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sneak Preview: The Artistic Heist at The Marvegos Fine Art School

The Marvegos Fine Art School recently held an art exhibit featuring creations by their very own staff of ridiculously talented artists. The skills and techniques that were presented ranged from tribal-themed ink drawings to lusciously abstract oil paintings. This school offers art lessons for young and creative minds (children and teens), but it is definitely a San Jose gem that people of all ages can appreciate.

In the spirit of creativity, SnazzyFRESH presents to you a post featuring a couple of Marvegos' amazing artists and their respective art work in "shady" style! All art featured is available for sale (by the artist) and please feel free to contact the artists for more information! Enjoy!

Painting: Crane Child, Deer Child 2010
Artist: Eva Van
Acrylic on Canvas