Monday, May 21, 2012

Coffee, beer, and fun times at Sea Biscuit Cafe

A while back, the SnazzyFRESH  crew needed to take a pit-stop anywhere to get out SF's infamous chilly weather. In the middle of Outer Sunset's nowhere, we spotted a cozy spot called Sea Biscuit Cafe in a seemingly sketchy part of the neighborhood. 

Sure, it's a little rundown and has plenty of random memorabilia somewhat related to a ocean-wonderland theme. But we were plesantly surprised by how rad this place actually is. Not only does this cafe have an awesome selection of breakfast delights, you' also have the option to have them with coffee, beer, wine or all of the above during all opening hours. 

The barista is badass-  funny, friendly, and just plain friggin' cool.  The other cool cats hanging by the bar were just as awesome. We immediately clicked and started our first round of coffees and beers. Spontaneously, we got the idea to do an improve photo-shoot featuring the cafe, our cool new friends, and SnazzyFRESH sunglasses. You've gotta love a place when the people and workers there are down for random, weird photo-shoot requests on the fly.   

Here's a sneak preview of the shady mayhem ;-). Be right back with the rest.
In the meantime, check out Sea Biscuit Cafe!

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